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Giusti’s Balsamic Vinegar museum

Giusti's Balsamic Vinegar museum

On October first, Giusti’s Balsamic Vinegar museum was finally inaugurated. The museum will tell its visitors the history of the most ancient Vinegar cellar in the world, founded in Modena in 1605. Many important personalities of the territory took part to the opening ceremony. The structure, which costed 2 million …

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Balsamic Vinegar and food fraud

food fraud

Cases of food fraud and Italian sounding are constantly increasing; in recent years ICQRF (Inspectorate for food fraud) has been trying to control the situation and limit these illegal phenomena but it isn’t always easy. Recently, the black gold of Modena became one of the victims. In fact, an imitation of …

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PONTI apple vinegar’s new campaign

apple vinegar

The famous Balsamic Vinegar producer PONTI bets on its apple vinegar: the new campaign of the product is on air since September 16th 2018. The campaign is the first one which is entirely dedicated to a vinegar made only with Italian apples and was created by the historic partner of …

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Ranking of best Balsamic Vinegars in Germany


Balsamic Vinegar of Modena is everywhere, we can find it in gourmet shops but also on discount shelves. Usually it is believed that, the higher the cost, the higher the quality.  But this is not always true! The German magazine Oko Test has compared different brands of Balsamic Vinegars sold …

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Fake Balsamic Vinegar in the USA

fake Balsamic Vinegar

In the USA you are likely to run into fake Balsamic Vinegar. In Italy, Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena is protected by denominations of origin PGI and PDO. Marks of origin guarantee that the product comes from the Modena area and respects a strict disciplinary of production. On the contrary, …

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The event Gusti a Mo18 is coming!

Gusti a Mo18

Today we remind you another event dedicated to the food and wine excellencies of the territory: the  third edition of Gusti a Mo18 that will take place on September 28 and 29. The event is organized by Piacere Modena with the patronage of the Province of Modena, the Chamber of Commerce …

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Other events in the Balsamic world

Other events in the Balsamic world

September is a month rich in events! With this article we reming you about other events in the Balsamic world. The association of expert tasters of Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena (Associazione esperti Degustatori Aceto Balsamico Traditionale di Modena) invites you to a series of really interesting initiatives! On September …

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Acetaie aperte 2018 edition

acetaie aperte

Once again, for the 2018 edition of “Acetaie aperte”, Balsamic Vinegar cellars of of Modena will open their gates to promote the territory of the region. This traditional initiative is an opportunity that both tourists and local people can’t miss!

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A new Headquarter for the Consortium


The Consortium for the Protection of Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena PGI presented last night its new headquarter; for the occasion, it held a thematic conference in Palazzo Fontanelli in via Ganaceto 113 in Modena. Some of its members, authorities and the  press took part to the event.

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