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Balsamic Titbits

Balsamic titbits is the section of the website we collected any kind of curiosity you might have about this extraordinary product. If you have any question, or doubt, or you just simply wanna know some peculiar facts about this black gold, keed reading further!

Here you will find all the main trends involving balsamic vinegar and we will show you the reasons why this product is our pride. We will prove you that its exclusivity doesn’t come only from its peculiar fermentation, but also from the more interest that this product is getting from everywhere.

This section, in fact, won’t deal with balsamic vinegar just as food goodness, but as a whole trendsetter, not only in Italy but throughout the globe.

Is this an ingredient? The answer is definitely: no! But whether you still have doubts, or just will to discover, enjoy this part we of our webpage we are so proud of implementing each time with new Balsamic titbits. So, click and… Enjoy the reading!

How to recognize real Balsamic Vinegar!

Real Balsamic Vinegar

How to recognize real Balsamic Vinegar? Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena is the king of Balsamic Vinegars and it is rarer than you think! This Italian treasure , produced in the region Emilia Romagna, must not be confused with the cheap Balsamic condiment we usually find at the grocery store; this …

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Balsamic Vinegar producer PONTI at CIBUS


PONTI is certainly a leader company in the production of Balsamic Vinegar and has greatly contributed to the success of the product all around the world. The key of its success? Since more than 150 years it carries on a work based on applied research on consumer preferences. This great commitment gave …

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Must-know Balsamic Vinegar tricks


Today we will reveal all the balsamic vinegar tricks we have collected over time. All these tricks will allow you to use Balsamic Vinegar in different ways and enjoy this true gastronomic excellence. Original Balsamic Vinegar is a delicious condiment mainly associated to the Italian traditional kitchen; however it is …

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Balsamic Vinegar at “Pranzo alla Modenese”

Pranzo alla Modenese

On May 12th Cantina Paltrinieri will host the event Un pranzo alla Modenese (Having lunch like a Modena citizen) organized by the students of the G. Luosi high school of Mirandola in collaboration with Bottega Modena. Participants will have the chance to taste food excellences of the region such as original Balsamic …

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Balsamic Vinegar: the most unusual pairings!

unusual pairings

Original Balsamic Vinegar of Modena is becoming more and more the protagonist of unusual pairings; but with regard to Balsamic glaze, which is used in an increasing variety of dishes, food experts have divergent views. MODENA. “My grandfather used to put balsamic vinegar on snow ” tells us Alessandro, born …

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FIAT 500 and Balsamic Vinegar: a winning combo!

fiat 500

On Sunday April 22nd  Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena I.G.P. was celebrated together with the legendary FIAT 500 car at the national gathering of these legendary Italian vintage cars that took place in Piazza dei Martiri of Carpi, in the province of Modena. CARPI. On Sunday April 22nd the main square of …

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Pairing wine and Balsamic Vinegar

wine and Balsamic Vinegar

Wine and Balsamic Vinegar is a winning match! Vinegar is an increasingly common condiment to use as an alternative to the ordinary “salt and oil” pair, being able to enrich your dishes with special flavors and aromas. The original Balsamic Vinegar belongs to the category of gourmet specialties: it characterizes …

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Rocca Rangoni: the Balsamic Vinegar residence!

Rocca Rangoni

Rocca Rangoni (the fortress of Rangoni) is a place where history and gastronomic tradition meet each other. Most noteworthy is that the Rangoni marquises has owned the fortress for 650 years, later in 2005 the town of Spilamberto bought it. As a result, in 2011 some renovation works started, hence …

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Secrets and history of original Balsamic Vinegar

History of original Balsamic Vinegar

The history of original Balsamic Vinegar is very ancient and not everyone knows that the vinegar we usually buy in supermarkets has little to do with the original recipe that follows a long and meticulous process to come to light. The history of original Balsamic Vinegar  originates in ancient Rome: …

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