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Balsamic Vinegar producer PONTI at CIBUS

PONTI is certainly a leader company in the production of Balsamic Vinegar and has greatly contributed to the success of the product all around the world. The key of its success? Since more than 150 years it carries on a work based on applied research on consumer preferences. This great commitment gave birth to products in wide consumer use  but also firmly anchored to the ancient Italian tradition.

The company took part in the 19th edition of CIBUS, the huge international food exhibition that took place in Parma in recent days.   During the fair, the company displayed its whole product portfolio, which includes more than 200 products; some of the lines are dedicated exclusively to foreign markets, where the company already invests 25% of its turnover.

Original Balsamic Vinegar IGPPONTI exploited the event to promote especially its apple Vinegar, a product that confirms the leadership of the enterprise in the sector, in which it holds the 40% of market shares.  In fact, in recent years the company has developed a line of products entirely dedicated to apple Vinegar, which has already received important acknowledgements:  the product, produced with 100% Italian apples, was elected product of the year 2018. (We suggest you this condiment as a valid alternative to Original Balsamic Vinegar!)

Further new products are the unfiltered Apple Vinegar and the 100% Italian Spray Vinegar. Also the line of gastronomic glazes has been enriched by three new spicy icings: Turmeric glaze, Pepper glaze and Ginger glaze.

Additionally, in the category of ​​canned vegetables, the company promoted the new Semplicemente Ponti line which include sliced ​​artichokes, dried tomatoes, peppers and grilled mushrooms; all the products, gluten-free and produced in Italy,  are expression of the simplicity of the culinary tradition of our territory combined with the great expertise and commitment of the company.


L-Originale Balsamic Vinegar of Modena: www.l-originale.com

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