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Balsamic Vinegar vs. Germany: an opened fight

Do you know the issues that the balsamic vinegar of Modena had in Germany some years ago? If you have no idea of what happened, keep on reading!

The Test magazine published in Germany, issued a well-documented inquiry into the quality of balsamic vinegar on the market in Germany. The title of the article caused a stir: Bluff aus Modena, Bluff from Modena. Some industrial balsamic vinegar would have included not only grapes vinegars (as required by the Igp specification) but also corn, beet and sugar cane. Also, the presence of heavy metals was detected. The complete results of the chemical and organoleptic analysed on 22 samples of balsamic vinegar of Modena are available on an anonymous basis in the German commercial network at www.test.de.
Almost half of the 22 samples did not respond to the strict EU standards and consequently, those balsamic vinegars are considered inadequate.

balsamic vinegar originalIn November 2015, the German court in Mannheim recognized the Consortium of balsamic vinegar of Modena the exclusive use of the adjective Balsamic (which becomes generic, for example, for some products Pharmaceuticals) in a civil judgment that opposed it to the German society Balema: but this continue its site today to use the term balsamic vinegar on its products. Balema has appealed and this blocked the execution of the measure issued by the court: The Consortium should have to initiate a case to stop its marketing and the Italian Government asked the German authorities to seize the products, second the application of the ex officio clause contained in the quality package EU.

Do you think is it possible to find the original balsamic vinegar in the German market afterwards? And also, what we find on the supermarkets’ shelves in Europe are safe products and most importantly, certified? Let me know what you think and tell us your experience!


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