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Confagricoltura and the CETA agreement with Canada

Confagricoltura expresses satisfaction for the entry into force of Ceta, the Free Trade Agreement between the European Union and Canada, which abolishes 99% of customs duties and mutual recognition of certification for a wide range of products.

This is a very important agreement for Italian agri-food. With Ceta, in fact, 41 products of origin are protected, and for Emilia-Romagna the protection concerns all the main names, among the such as Parma ham, balsamic vinegar of Modena and Parmigiano Reggiano, who will finally be able to use its name of origin and will be protected by the use of the generic “Parmesan”. The Ceta agreement provides that no reference can be made that suggests the origin of the product in question from an area other than the real one, including the inability to use deceptive expressions such as “type” or “style”.

“The common sense and reasonableness of protectionism and fear prevailed – said Modena Eagenia Bergamaschi, President of Confagricoltura – The Ceta agreement is good news for Italian agri-food, a great opportunity for export and important protection for our products of excellence. In order to get out of the economic crisis, the bilateral agreements that the EU is putting in place and those under review are fundamental, therefore – we welcome with great satisfaction the Ceta agreement, which opens new commercial scenarios in a market interesting for our agro-food excellence such as Canada.”

cetaOn the other hand, Coldiretti Modena expressed all their doubts about this issue, which are not really convinced about it. If you are curious to learn more about what Coldiretti Modena thinks and about the Ceta agreement in collaboration with Canada, I suggest you to read the previous article: http://usebalsamicvinegar.com/balsamic-vinegar-canada-ceta-agreement/


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