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De Negris Vs ABM Consortium PGI

De Negris Vs ABM Consortium PGI: clashes at the top. In the last articles, we have talked about of the European Union Court of Justice’s judgment and the new nomination of Armando De Nigris as Advisor of the European Commission for Environment, Public Health and Food Safety. Today we would like to inform you about what is going among the parts mentioned above.

Armando De Nigris is the President of De Nigris Group, the leader company of the Balsamic Vinegar production. He has got a different opinion from the Consortium for the Protection of Balsamic Vinegar of Modena PGI. During the last few days, the European Union Court has sanctioned that the words “Vinegar” and “Balsamic” can be used by all the producers not only from Modena.

The accusations are directed at the Consortium. De Negris said that the redress action against the German Company Balema GmbH was a failure. The Consortium was not able to protect the Balsamic Vinegar PGI and the Modenese producers. Companies as the Acetum, have invested a lot of money during the last period. They were sure that the law protected the name of Balsamic Vinegar.

De Nigris believes also that this action will hurt the Balsamic Modena producers. The possibility to use the name Balsamic and Vinegar will be exploited by the big companies in the food sector. These companies will make products with similar names that will confuse the consumer on the identity of the original product.

De Negris Vs ABM Consortium PGI: is not ending now.

The president wants to deepen the reasons why the Consortium has made this choice. He truly believes that the Consortium is responsible. De Negris wants also to quantify the amount of damage in economics terms. Probably, a lot of local companies will be affected.

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