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PAC: Desimoni at the European Parliament

At the European Parliament to talk about the future of the Common Agricultural Policy of the European Union: on November 27th, Federico Desimoni, director of the Consortium for the Protection of Balsamic Vinegar of Modena, intervened at the “Organic & Origin” high level conference organized by ‘On. Jakovčić.

Desimoni’s report concerned the vision and the community’s strategy within the new PAC. The intervention highlighted how the ongoing reform is an opportunity to redefine EU’s strategies, starting from the agricultural model. Furthermore, it emerged that the concept of Bio and Geographical Indication are of fundamental importance for the creation of a vision in which the qualitative aspect has a leading role, with respect to the quantitative aspect.

balsamic dressing« Europe has many strengths such as the quality of its products and producers, its reputation, very high standards in terms of food safety, animal welfare, health, and environmental sustainability policies. Moreover it boasts an incredible heritage of intangible values ​​such as tradition, history, art and culture.» said Desimoni. «However, Europe has also some weeknesses such as the complex bureaucracy and and high production and safety costs. A model of agriculture and agro-industry based on local products. These prodcuts are high quality and linked to the culture and tradition of their territories can be a winning approach. In fact, the market of organic products and geographical indications is growing and in these sectors, Europe is a leader market.»


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