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Events in the food world, settember 2018

September is the month of the harvest and also one of the most magical months of the year! Keep on reading to discover the events in the food world of this September in the food world that you can’t miss! A tasteful journey among the culinary treasures of the country!

Let’s begin with the events organized by FICO: the agro-food park of Bologna will celebrate wine and its tradition with a lot of events. The first weekend of the month (1-2 September) will be dedicated to wines such as Franciacorta, Trento, Alta Langa.

Then, on September 8th and 9th, the absolute protagonist will be one of the best selling Emilia Romagna’s sparkling wine: Lambrusco. Furthermore, on the evening of Saturday 8, you will have the chance to enjoy a glass of wine among the rows of the Fico vineyard, a symbol of the richness of Italian wine biodiversity.

Events in the food world  continue on September 15th, the Grape Harvest Festival will take place. The park will turn into a real cellar and the participants will crush the grapes barefoot in the wooden vats, as their ancestors did years ago. This method was then replaced almost everywhere by mechanical crushing but it is yet inimitable for many reasons.

Then, the weekend of 15-16 September, will see the first event of the Italian wine tour (Giro d’Italia dei vini) which will be devoted to white wines – from Ribolla to Verdicchio.

The following weekend, 22nd and 23rd, it will be the turn of the great red wines – from Barolo, to Brunello, from Primitivo all’Aglianico and to Amarone – paired with the best Italian meats, such as Chianina.

On The last weekend of the month (28-29) it will be possible to assist to the the cooking of the must, a fundamental ingredient in the preparation of Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena.

Finally we remind you that on Thursday September 20th, it will take place the first training to taste organized by the Consortium  ABTM of Spilamberto and by the communities of Carpi and Soliera. The meetings will take place at the Polivalente center of Limidi; the exact dates are the 20th and 27th of September and the 4-11-18 of October.

There’s definetely a lot to do! Enjoy!


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