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Enzo Bulgarelli won the 52nd Palio of San Giovanni

Enzo Bulgarelli from Cavezzo, with its Traditional Balsamic Vinegar, is the winner of the 52nd Palio of San Giovanni with 323,333 points. The award ceremony took place in Spilamberto, in the beautiful Rocca Rangoni.

Also the other 11 finalists were awarded: the second place went to Marco Morandi from Formigine, with its 322.125 points; the third to Roberto Calanchi from Spilamberto with 315.958. He was followed by Giorgio Cavicchioni from  Modena with 315.792 and by Raffaele Maselli of Castelfranco with 315.667.

Finally, this is the official ranking of the other seven finalists:
6th place: Gabriele Bazzi di Soliera with 315.417 points
7th place: Giancarlo Martinelli of Modena with 314,917 points
8th place: Consorteria of the Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Spilamberto with 314,875 points
9th place: Davide Covili of Modena with 314,708 points
10th place: Alessio Foroni of Modena with 314,042 points
11th place: Cristina Frabetti of Ravarino with 313,958 points
12th place: Roberto and Stefania Antichi of Modena with 313,208 points.

The winner has received several prestigious prizes: the official diploma of the Consortium for the Protection of Balsamic Vinegar, a gold tasting teaspoon and the so called “Spilamberto tower”, a bronze bas-relief depicting the Spilamberto tower. Also the other finalists received this symbolic award.

Palio of San GiovanniBut Bulgarelli received the most important recognition a week after the award ceremony: the Grand Master Maurizio Fini went to the winner’s house to brand the barrels of his Vinegar cellar with the logo of the Consorteria.

Also this year, the Palio of San Giovanni saw record numbers! In fact, it counted more than 1,400 participants, and over 15 thousand tastings. From the beginning of May, 182 Master Tasters, helped by junior tasters and students, evaluated all the samples of Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of family production delivered to the Consorteria.

The Palio of San Giovanni is a great occasion for the Consorteria: thanks to it, they are able to examine and monitor the production of Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of the territory , both from an organoleptic point of view and from a the perspective of its chemical-physical characteristics. In this way they are able to transmit to producers the right indications in order for the secular tradition to be respected.


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