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Rabbit with Balsamic Vinegar of Modena

Just before taking the pan off the fire, add Balsamic Vinegar. The result will be tastier with just a simple.

Ingredients 4 people amount:

1 rabbit weighing about 1 kg, 3 lt. of white wine, 1 glass of strong wine vinegar, 1 onion., 1 stalk of celery., extra-virgin olive oil q.s., 1 can of peeled tomatoes weighing 1/2 kg., aglione” q.s., 100 g (poor) of butter, meat soup q.s., chopped fresh parsley q.s., 1 poor glass of d’Aceto Balsamico Tradizionale di Modena IGP


Cut the rabbit into medium-sized pieces and arrange them in a steel casserole.

Be sure that the meat is dipped in 2 lt. of wine ( in Rubbiara a mixture of Albana, Trebbiano and Montuni is used).

Add the strong vinegar. Allow to rest for 8 hours or more. When it is ready, put the “herbs” in a pan (well chopped): cut the onion and the celery into slices and brown.

When the browning has just started pour the peeled tomatoes after sifting them. Let the mixture to boil slowly.

At the same time put the rabbit pieces – after draining them – previously dressed with “aglione” ( i.e. some coarse salt with ground rosemary and garlic) in a pan with the butter.

When excellently browned on both sides, add the white wine used for soaking and cover half height of the rabbit pieces.

When the wine is evaporated, spread the “herbs” on the rabbit, which are now ready.

Cover everything with boiling broth ( beef and chicken broth ).

Add the chopped parsley. Stir carefully and put the lid on the pan. Boil slowly until it is cooked. – adding some broth when necessary.

Just before taking the pan off the fire, pour “balsamic vinegar”.

Stir carefully in order to let the balsamic vinegar to make the food tasty and arrange on a warm tray. In the Renaissance, it was always served with cabbage dressed with the cooking sauce as side dish.

Today it is mainly served with warm boiled potatoes dressed with the cooking sauce.


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