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Mark Zuckerberg and the Balsamic Vinegar

Mark Zuckerberg is not the first celebrity to love the  Balsamic Vinegar of Modena; indeed, in one of his last trips to Italy, he did not give up to taste the excellences of our territory.

The visit took place informally: Zuckerberg was very friendly and he was particularly impressed by the production process of traditional balsamic vinegar that needs so many years to be mature. Obviously, the taste of extravagant vinegar was especially appreciated, especially in combination with cream ice cream.

Mark Zuckerberg’s visit is a great opportunity to let the world know the true Made in Italy agri-food and counteract the international piracy that improperly uses words, colors, locations, images, denominations and recipes that recall the ‘ Italy for tarot products that have nothing to do with national reality. Abroad there are two false Italian food products on three, with the world market of Made in Italy food imitations worth over 60 billion euros and balsamic vinegar on the podium of the most heavily packed products.

As I said before, not only Italians love trying and employing our typical product, even celebrities cannot live without our precious balsamic vinegar. Indeed, there are other celebrities that love our incredible product. From Obama to the Hollywoodian stars, the balsamic vinegar is more and more appreciated worldwide. It is unbelievable how this product is going so far and if we think it was only a product produced only for the modenesi families, we should be thankful with them for having shared this amazing product with the rest of the world. Moreover, the expansion of the balsamic vinegar is growing a lot in the last years: now it is possible to find this product almost in every country; but we should be aware that there are also products called Balsamic Vinegar but they are of lower quality than the original Balsamic Vinegar of Modena.

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