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The importance of Balsamic for Italy

The importance of Balsamic for Italy

On 18 June 2021, the Consortium of Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena and the Consortium of Balsamic Vinegar of Modena met with Senator Gian Marco Centinaio; Undersecretary for Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies, and with the Honorable Benedetta Fiorini; Secretary of the Productive Activities, Commerce and Tourism Commission of the Chamber of Deputies. The themes that have emerged are interesting, first the importance of Balsamic for Italy.

In fact, the value of over one billion euros of the Modena Balsamic Vinegar sector was brought to the attention of the Government. This employs thousands of jobs and produces made in Italy gastronomic excellence unique in the world. In this regard, Undersecretary Centinaio said “These products are precious not only for Modena; but for the whole country both from an economic, cultural and reputational point of view. The government is determined to defend them against any kind of attack: it is our priority. ”

With these words, the Undersecretary refers, in particular, to the delicate situation of the protection of the PDO and PGI denominations from risks and criticalities resulting from the Slovenian events; currently being examined by the European Commission. To find out more, then read this article.
“As an Italian system we have already opposed the proposal received in Brussels; and we are ready to proceed with a further act of opposition should the Commission approve the Slovenian legislation – Says Centinaio – The role of the Consortia is fundamental, and this sector is the concrete demonstration of this. I am sure that by working together, as we have always done, we will achieve important results”.

The importance of Balsamic for Italy

What is needed, therefore, is a strategic, institutional and political response that is essential and decisive. The importance of Balsamic vinegar for Italy is also a priority for the Honorable Fiorini; who has always fought for the protection of Made in Italy products. Competitive attacks, as well as imitations and counterfeits, are considered to be attitudes to be controlled and, where possible, blocked. “When the protection consortia asked us for help – says the Honorable – we have always been by their side, and we are there today more than ever. There can be no shortcuts to try to emulate products that are the fruit of centuries of all-Italian tradition. And if Europe needs an alarm clock to remind itself to protect our uniqueness, we will keep ringing it. And we will do it at all levels because, guaranteeing the quality of our Emilian excellences, means protecting our economy, the work of many as well as the value of our history; that is, everything that makes our country unique”.

With the help of the Government, aligned with the principles of the two Consortia, we continue to protect our Black Gold, because the importance of Balsamic for Italy is of extreme value.

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