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New arrivals at Mengazzoli: WO’T acidulated

New arrivals at Mengazzoli: WO’T acidulated

There are newcomers to the Mengazzoli house: the acidulated WO’T. What is that? How to use it? Where does it come from? Don’t worry, we explain everything to you below!

Who is Mengazzoli?

Active since the 1960s, the vinegar has been producing various products: from wine and apple vinegar, from creams to BIO up to Balsamic Vinegar of Modena PGI and especially PDO. Already present in the Mantua and Modena area. In recent years the foreign market has been of particular attention to the company. This, in fact, has stimulated the creation of many novelties. This includes the new arrivals at Mengazzoli: WO’T acidulated.

What are they?

No longer just vinegar but something more innovative and global. The newcomers to the Mengazzoli family, the acidulated WO’T, are the company’s novelty from 2021. Called WO’T, or World Of Taste, it is a line of acidulating that includes 6 different flavours: rice, honey, pineapple, banana, malt and date.

How were they born?

There are 4 main reasons that led to the creation of these new products:

  1. Create something international, with fusion undertones
  2. Create a new interest in the already growing trend of condiments
  3. Reaching out to young people who love experimentation
  4. Capturing attention on a visual level with a new product

“Before being born, ideas travel the most unexpected paths, then time usually passes from idea to product. A time that could be defined as creative, profitable, in general very interesting, and so it was also for WO’T “. These are the words of Mengazzoli, managing director of the Acetifico.

Who are they for?

WO’T are for all those who are constantly experimenting in the kitchen. It is a combination of Italian tradition and international taste, which aims to reach a global market. Placed on the shelves, alongside meat or fish, WO’Ts aim to stimulate consumers to try something new.

All products are also available on the company’s website. There you can also find more information, curiosities and ideas for recipes.

Let’s be clear friends, nothing to do with our beloved Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena PDO, but surely we are facing a modern and decidedly particular product!

Greetings from Modena