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Discovering Spilamberto: the hometown of traditional Balsamic Vinegar

Spilamberto, in the province of Modena, is the hometown of our beloved Traditional Balsamic Vinegar. That’s why one its most famous monuments is the gigantic drop of Balsamic Vinegar made of Iron, which you can find at the entrance of the city.

The hometown of our black gold, located near the Bologna area, is a fascinating medieval town which is worth to discover. Its origins are very ancient: in 776 some monks of Nonantola (another town in the province of Modena) built there an hospice for the peregrines coming from Rome. The area started gathering more and more people until, in 1210, the city of Modena recognized its strategic importance and decided to build walls around it.

Tourists can visit the ancient Rangoni palace, the luxurious medieval residence where the market of silk used to take place and the so called Rocca Rangoni, which was built 650 years ago and was for years the symbol of the Rangoni, the family that ruled the city. However, the most fascinating building is the tower, which is the remaining part of the defensive walls. The legend says that the tower is haunted by the ghost of Sir Philip, wrongfully convicted by the inquisition.

Spilamberto is a city with with an ancient history and culture but also with an extraordinary culinary tradition. In fact, the tower is the headquarter of the order of the Nocino of Modena, a product which is becoming more and more famous. Spilamberto boasts also a museum which is entirely dedicated to original Balsamic Vinegar: the exhibition includes the ancient instruments and the wooden barrels used to prepare it, offering the visitors a cultural and sensorial trip among its treasures.

The town and the museum are both worth the visit! We highly recommend you to go if you travel in the area, you’ll fall in love as we did!

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