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2019 defend quality. Traditional Balsamic Vinegar : Consortia and institutions together

2019 defend quality. Since years the Consortium of Traditional Balsamic Vinegar is engaged in several battles for the legal protection of the product and in communication and promotion activities to spread its tradition and history all over the world. Here’s a balance of 2018 and the perspectives for 2019.

At its beginning, 2018 was a critical year due the bad harvest of autumn 2017: the quantity of grapes faced an average reduction of 30 % at European level. However, as far as the activities of the Consortium are concerned, 2018 was a great year: the body carried out numerous activities including events and collaborations with food bloggers and implemented better targeted digital strategies. The project specifically designed for the United States that foresaw the collaboration with several American schools was a success, to mention just one. Other important achievements were reached in the field of the legal protection of the protected designation of origin “Balsamic Vinegar”, both on a national and on a European level.

The perspectives for 2019 defend quality are great since the last harvest was good and the raw materials market finally found a new stability. This year the Consortium, while carrying on the old plans, will develop new strategies and projects: communication projects dedicated to the European market through PSR European fundings and research and innovation projects in collaboration with Universities and important research institutes. Furthermore, the three year project for the United States will go on and the overall strategy will be further potentiated.

For the future, it is fundamental to improve the market, legal, organizational and administrative structure through instruments more and more fit to the current market exigencies. In this context great value must be ascribed to the PAC policy and to the work of the ministry, of the regions and of the legal system, especially of the European court of justice. Fundamental is the diffusion of the values and tradition linked to P.G.I. and P.D.O. certified products.

On the 4th and 5th February the Consortium of Original Balsamic Vinegar will take part to the Qualivita kickoff, the event which testifies the importance of certified products which are a national patrimony of the Italian country. Defending these products is defending the local communities and their ancient traditions. Consortia and national, regional and local institutions must join to reach these common objectives on both a strategic and an operative level.

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