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The ADG Digital Weeks and the Balsamic Vinegar

The ADG Digital Weeks and the Balsamic Vinegar

The ADG Digital Weeks and the Balsamic Vinegar

“ADG Digital Weeks” is the training project of Ambassadors of Taste. Objective: to enhance the agri-food chain. And guess what, friends… in the ADG Digital Weeks there is Balsamic Vinegar!

ADG is the Italian Association of Taste Ambassadors. It is a non-profit organization. It is committed to the promotion, information and protection of everything related to the Italian food and wine heritage.
The association has recently announced the start of the “ADG Digital weeks”. This is a new (and entirely Italian) project. It is intended to train and enhancing the agri-food chain, as well as transmitting the fundamental values ​​of interdependence existing throughout the sector.

What are ADG Digital Weeks?

The ADG Digital Weeks are the result of a spin-off of the #FareFormazione initiative. For years, this project has been engaged in educational activities for students in hotel schools through the Ambassadors of Taste.
2020 was a critical year for schools. They had to follow distance learning methods. Even so, the initiative did not stop. The physical lessons in the classroom have been converted into direct online remote, from the kitchens of the associates with #FareFormazione.


The ADG Digital Weeks will take place from the 20th of April to the 13th of May. It will include 13 thematic online lessons, totally free. For those interested in participating, it is necessary to register in advance through the website www.ambasciatoridelgusto.it.

Each class will be dedicated to an in-depth study, both practical and theoretical. Italian food and wine will be the main themes.
Recognized worldwide as the heritage of excellent reputation.

The ADG Digital Weeks and the Balsamic Vinegar

The goal of the ADG Digital Weeks is to improve the importance of the interconnection existing between the various sectors of the entire Italian food and wine chain. In fact, the results of this interdependence are reflected in the enrichment of the territory, tradition and quality of the products, which are appreciated in Italy and throughout the world.
The initiative also aims to stimulate, protect and above all enhance the entire Italian food chain, among present and future generations of cooks and aspiring chefs.

The themes, speakers and partners of ADG Digital Weeks

From bread to pizza, from rice to pastry, the lessons will cover all-around themes of food and wine. Meat, fish and vegetables will also have their stage. The wine will have a special attention

A taste ambassador will take care of each lesson.… but not only! The initiative will also count on the support and extraordinary participation of partners who will make their technical and cultural knowledge available.

And guess what, friends? In ADG Digital Weeks there is Balsamic Vinegar! In fact, the Consortium for the Protection of Traditional Balsamic Vinegar, together with 13 other partner companies representing Made in Italy, will support the Ambassadors of Taste in the lessons!

To sum up, this is an event not to be missed!
Don’t make any commitments and sign up for ADG Digital Weeks because… There is Balsamic Vinegar! And we can’t miss it!

For any additional information, you can consult the website www.ambasciatoridelgusto.it

Greetings from Modena