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A secular history of the barrels

A secular history of the barrels is what characterize the Renzi family, who are builders of barrels from several generations.The barrels in which the Balsamic Vinegar is contained are fundamental for the process of production.
In this article we will tell a secular history of the barrels.

The historic workshop, where the production and sale of botticels for Balsamic Vinegar is done is based in via degli Scarlatti. At the top of the Modena company there is Francesco Renzi who, over the years, taught the craft and passed the passion to his sons Matteo and Roberto. However, the dynasty of masters began long before, even in the sixteenth century. Their activity is one of the oldest companies in the area, not just locally but nationally.
Wood processing began in 1546 in South Tyrol. Later, their ancestors moved to the Veneto and with the First World War they escaped to Castelfranco Emilia. In 1922 the company moved to Modena, always continuing to produce wine barrels and sacred furnishings. In 1955 Francesco’s father took over family business but, from the 1930s, the first balsamic vinegar bait began to grow, which year after year grew. So he tried to improve the production of barrels and today we can be among the industry leaders.

A secular history of the barrelsFor Francesco, it is not an easy activity: passion and dedication are indispensable, but production remained handmade: they work with all kinds of wood.

In particular, for Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena, we use cherry wood, oak, chestnut, ash, robinia, mulberry, pear, apple and juniper. Another characteristic of their enterprise is that in the seventies the production of barrels with stainless wheels was a great solution because it does not involve the maintenance of the same barrels.

As you can see, the Renzi family is one of the most important family in the Modena area. Curious to find out how to become part of the Oirginal Balsamic Vinegar’s world? Here’s an article on how to become taster: http://usebalsamicvinegar.com/how-to-become-a-taster-of-balsamic-vinegar/

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