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Aged Balsamic Vinegar: how to taste it.

modena balsamic vinegar barrels for storing and aging

As we have already seen in the previous articles, the balsamic vinegars are of different types and quality, so today we would like to show you how to recognize a fine aged balsamic vinegar.

First, we have three ways to recognize a good aged balsamic vinegar: visual, olfactory and taste analysis.

Let’s start with the visual analysis!
To evaluate the quality of a aged original balsamic vinegar of Modena, pour in a glass about 20 g of vinegar. With a rotating movement, typical of wine tasting, you can observe the density level of balsamic vinegar. The more the veil of vinegar on the glass walls will often be, the more vinegar is dense. By placing a candle lit below the chalice, you can see its clarity. Colour must be of a beautiful brown dark, load and bright; The density, on the other hand, must be syrupy and liquid. A different colour or too liquid consistency indicates poor quality of the starting wine.

For the second analysis, take the cup with your right hand , in way to heat its contents. With your left hand, however, cover your glass. Remain like this until the vinegar will not be slightly heated. At this point, take your left hand out of the chalice and breathe, three times and in discontinuous, with closed eyes. Try to smell the scent and acidity of aged balsamic vinegar, as well as their intensity and persistence. The smell of a good aged balsamic vinegar must be complex but balanced, strong but at the same time sweet and, above all, persistent.

how to become a taster of traditional balsamic vinegarFinally, we now analyse the real tasting process. At this stage, you have to taste a small amount. Once the vinegar is brought to the mouth, pour the liquid against the palate: so, the bouquet of perfumes and aromas will be released throughout the oral cavity. At this point, keep the origina balsamic vinegar in the mouth by sliding it evenly on the tongue and then inside the cable. The flavour should be sweet but slightly acidic, aromatic and intense.


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