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Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena Omelette

Bored of the same omelette everyday? Here are some tips on taking the same dish but changing it into a new recipe.

Ingredients 4 people amount:

10 very fresh eggs, 2 medium-sized onion, 2 Zucchini ,3 spoon fuls of Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena a pinch of d’”aglione” (some coarse salt with ground rosemary, a little garlic, sage and basil leaves)


Pour some olive oil and the onion cut into small slices in a cold pan and let brown.
Put the eggs ( whole eggs) in a bowl and beat them together with “aglione”, stir very carefully.
Add the onion without the oil into the bowl containing the eggs.

Keep on mixing very carefully.

Put the pan on the fire with the oil previously used to brown the onion and allow to boil.
Put the mixing into the pan.
The mixing will quickly be cooked and try to brown both sides of the omelette.

When ready, place it in a warm dish without the browning oil.

Immediately pour the thick bhick balsamic vinegar using a teaspoon at a height of about 15 cm from the omelette.

You will have then a smooth pouring.

Serve immediately when the omelette is fully fragrant.


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