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Traditional balsamic vinegar of Modena (ABTM): the authentic one

Traditional balsamic vinegar do you really know what is it? Let’s find together what it’s about!

The original “Traditional Balsamic” is the combination of different elements put together: the characteric grape varieties which grow in the area of  Modena, the typical weather of this region and the passion and love of the best producers who take care of the traditional production.

What is the traditional production about?
It is a long procedure which lasts decades according to the different aged vinegars. During its production, in order to obtain an authentic Balsamico Tradizionale, nothing will be added to the must. It necessitates a long period of fermentation till when it slowly matures. At this stage, the Balsamico Tradizionale acquires the typical balsamic aromas and then it is ready to the ageing stage when it becomes the perfect Balsamico Tradizionale.

One main feature vital to achieve an authentic Balsamico Tradizionale is the several wooden barrels where the “Traditional Balsamic”   is contained in the production phase. It is interesting to know that, there are five different woods used during the production. They are “chestnut”, “mulberry”, “cherry wood”, “juniper” and “durmast”. As they are listed, they are used during the production and the barrels have different sizes according to the phase in which they are required.

It is interesting, right? It is fascinating how these producers are able to provide one of the best delicacy, desired by gastronomic connoisseur from all over the world.

What can we add? Thanks producers for your commitment in producing one of the finest products and  in achieving such a high quality.




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