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Alternative uses of Balsamic Vinegar

Alternative uses of Balsamic Vinegar

We all have a bottle of Balsamic Vinegar in our pantry: it is delicious as salad dressing, but do you know its alternative uses? From cleaning to health and beauty, it is extremely versatile and not only in the kitchen. Keep on reading if you are curious about the numerous alternative uses of Balsamic Vinegar!

Balsamic Vinegar has a lot of beneficial properties and several alternative uses which make of it more than a simple dressing. In fact, the product is known for its therapeutic properties. First, it has a great anti-inflammatory effect and it is very good as digestive. Moreover it can be mixed with honey to fight against cough and sore throat. It could be also added to a bath to relieve itching.

As far as beauty is concerned, Balsamic Vinegar is great for your hair. If you use it to wash your hair, it will make them super glow. Vinegar is also a good remedy against dandruff. Furthermore, it has great astringent and oxidant properties: if it is diluted with water, it has a great effect on impure skin, managing to rebalance the ph. It is perfect also to use as after shaving.

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Moving to the cleaning of the house, you can use it on almost all the surfaces of your home, sanitarians included. If you add bicarbonate you will obtain a powerful mixture which could be used as antiscale to clean the stove. Furthermore, if diluted with water, it’s perfect to make the glasses of your windows shine!

Last but not least, Vinegar could be an excellent natural deodorant which could neutralize smells in your fridge and in food containers. And you can also use it to kill bugs and ants from the invaded areas.

These were the alternative uses of Balsamic Vinegar, however for these purposes we suggest you to handle with a low cost Balsamic Vinegar! Check our Blog to discover other unusual uses of the product!

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