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Is Balsamic Vinegar good for you?

Is balsamic vinegar good for you? In fact this question is more than lawful.
The market offers countless products that indicate the name of balsamic vinegar and as you can see with completely different prices among them. It starts from products sold from a few cents to hundreds of euros.

Just a few days ago I had the opportunity to sample a product sold in the German market: a 500 ml bottle pf balsamic vinegar we bought for 0.89 cents: you have understood well 1/2 liter of vinegar at 0.89 cents.
It becomes easy to imagine what the quality of this product is, just think of the cost of the various raw materials that make it up: balsamic vinegar, glass bottle, cap and label, and also we add the shipping costs and the vendor’s charging margins . Try to give value to all items and make the final sale price!

Is balsamic vinegar good for you ?: in this case NO

This is the classic industrial product sold very young and created inside immense iron silos and not from wooden barrels as it wants tradition.

balsamic dressingIt is true that balsamic vinegar has become known around the world through inexpensive products; It is true that many people at low prices have had the chance to taste balsamic vinegar but in my modest opinion these products create a huge confusion in the head of the consumer by removing it from the original balsamic vinegar that we modenesi use daily on our tables. Aged products of 12, 25, 30 years old and over in limited wood production barrels (from a barrel of balsamic vinegar barrels, about 2 liters of product are harvested each year).

That being said, there is just one absolute rule: buy the original balsamic vinegar you like the most.


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