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Is Black Gold good for your health?

Is Black Gold good for your health? Let’s analyze it! People from Modena call this particular product “Black Gold”. It is known and used all over the world. A unique aroma that makes it special.

Numerous chefs have decided to enhance their dishes with this gastronomic excellence by creating explosive combinations. For example, a simple risotto with mushrooms and sausage that accompanies salmon or roast pork!

Is Black Gold good for your health?

Differences between kinds of vinegar

Remember that the original Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena PDO (ABTM PDO) comes from a single ingredient: cooked grape must.Is Black Gold good for your health
This must is left to age in wooden barrels for decades.

The grapes are carefully cultivated and selected by the producers, following strict production regulations. Producers limit the cultivation and production area to the Modena and province only.

The second category of Balsamic Vinegar is the Protected Geographical Indication (PGI).
PGI vinegar can be composed no longer of a single ingredient but by three different ones: cooked must, wine vinegar and caramel (maximum 2%).

Balsamic and health

It is easy to understand how different ingredients imply different health benefits.

The PGI can also include caramel (PDO contains only natural sugars deriving from grape must).
Excessive use of Balsamic Vinegar PGI could be discouraged for people that have diabetes.
Balsamic Vinegar has a high acidity that is unsuitable for people suffering from gastritis.

Consider always ask for indications or advice to a specialist or doctor.

Despite these contraindications, Balsamic Vinegar has a beneficial effect on health.
Scientific studies show that the polyphenols present in the Black of Modena guarantee a high antiseptic and antibacterial function as well as a strong ability to strengthen the immune system.

Balsamic is also able to slow down cellular ageing and increase the satiety sense by reducing the gastric activity.
It is also useful for regulating blood pressure.

Balsamic is not just a condiment!

You should always consult a doctor, but if you do not suffer from particular problems, this food excellence can only make you feel better!

Greetings from Modena.