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Massimo Bottura The ambassador of the Balsamic Vinegar.

Massimo Bottura is one of the most recognized chefs all around the world, in particular he is known for his famous restaurant, “Osteria Francescana”, placed in the Modena city centre. The focus of his main plates are the parmisan and of course, the balsamic vinegar, that’s why people come from every part of the world to taste his precious creations.

Massimo Bottura is considered the ambassador of the balsamic vinegar, in particular he prefers the traditional balsamic vinegar, which exalts the scents and flavors of all recipes. For this reason, he wrote a book completely dedicated to the Modena treasure, entitled “Aceto Balsamico”, in which the award-winning chef creates new recipes with the balsamic vinegar. The aim of Bottura is to exalt the particular taste of the original balsamic vinegar, preferring a product of quality. Using only excellent raw materials, the chef sprads the name of the modenesi products all around the world and stimulating people to come to Modena and try the true taste of the products. Indeed, Modena is full of tourists that come just for taste the original balsamic vinegar.

Massimo Bottura prefers also the “extra vecchio” variety of balsamic vinegar. He says: “I love the extravecchio at the end of the meal after a good coffee, using it almost as a medicinal or digestive. This treasure does not like the heat of the casseroles and emulsifies out of the fire; it shines in cold trim even on non-gourmet dishes such as an omelette with onions or a strawberry and cherry salad. For mining, use a less aged product with a lower density.
Some people think that Balsamic Vinegar is great only on salads, but the real emotion is to rediscover the great versatility of the product each day, both on traditional gastronomy dishes and on ethnic preparations like a Thai soup.”


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