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The Summer Fancy Food: from Modena to New York

The Summer Fancy Food will take place in New York from the 25th to 27th of July and the Consortium IGP will be there to present the excellent product of the original balsamic vinegar .

The activity of the Consortium at the fair will be exclusively institutional, but it won’t be the only event that will take part to: on the evening of Sunday, June 25th, it will be present at the 100 × 100 Italian Night, the exclusive event organized by I love Italian Food in collaboration with the Italian Chef Association of New York, of which the Consortium is a partner.

On the occasion of the presence at Summer Fancy Food – the largest event dedicated to gastronomic specialties in North America, as well as the main innovation showcase, bringing together the main producers and operators of the industry, hosting over 25,000 buyers and 2,500 exhibitors – Will be ready to be officially presented also the new site dedicated to the USA Project, or www.originalbalsamicvinegar.eu, along with which will also be presented social channels set up ad hoc for this campaign and hence linked to it.

The Consortium will intervene with their own institutional stand and the aim of  their participation will be to present and illustrate the project that will affect the states of New York, California and Florida with the involvement of culinary institutes, chefs and bloggers in events and web and social activities network. Then it will be a further opportunity to present our product, to improve the knowledge of operators and consumers.

The Consortium is a body whose aim is to valorize the product, defend it and to diffuseits knowledge at a worldwide level. We have talked in another article about the Consortiums and their work with the balsamic vinegar, if you want to deepen the knowledge about it, take a look. 


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