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New kind of vinegar: the “agromela”

“agromela” is a new kind of vinegar, both aspect and texture appear to be Balsamic Vinegar. In fact, it is dark in color and is liquid, but at the same time it is dense and viscous, BUT it is not balsamic vinegar of Modena!

This particular balsamic is still produced as in the past: apples, in fact, are chopped, squeezed. Apples or cider juice is cooked and its volume is reduced. This increases the sugar degree and then ferments. Then it undergoes an acetification process and, finally, one has to wait. The process is practically identical to that for the production of balsamic vinegar. The wait to enjoy it, alone or accompanied by traditional dishes, lasts no less than 15 years. Even in this case, aging occurs in wooden barrels that make up a real battery.

What is interesting is the reason why it is made up of apples: in the past it was considered the balsamic vinegar of poor families. Perhaps not everyone knows that, in the hills of Castelvetro, in addition to the vineyards, they also cultivated orchards. The native apple was the “Lavina”. Nowadays, apples are marketed, but this variety has been reintroduced in the local area.

Today the agromela producers are very few, because in one year they do not exceed one hundred liters of produced agromela, in the area between Vignola and Castelvetro. However, it is a tradition that resists in time. For the protection and valorisation of this precious Modena product, the association Agromela di Vignola was born in 2003.

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