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Balsamic Vinegar at “Pranzo alla Modenese”

On May 12th Cantina Paltrinieri will host the event Un pranzo alla Modenese (Having lunch like a Modena citizen) organized by the students of the G. Luosi high school of Mirandola in collaboration with Bottega Modena. Participants will have the chance to taste food excellences of the region such as original Balsamic Vinegar.

BOMPORTO –  On May 12th at 11.00 a.m., students of High school G. Luosi will meet in Cantina Paltrinieri in Sorbara to have lunch like real Modena’s citizens: the event is called  Un pranzo alla Modenese and it is organized by the laboratory “Luosi exhibition” of the High school Luosi of Mirandola in collaboration with Bottega Modena.  The event is the result of an entire school year which saw the students working with great commitment. Thanks to the collaboration of Bottega Modena, they had the chance to get to know the typical products of the Region, directly visiting and meeting the manufacturers. In fact, many enterprises of the territory contributed to the initiative: Dairy 4 Madonne, Salumificio F.lli Ratti, Salumificio Palmieri, Cantina PaltrinieriBanca Popolare di San Felice and for original Balsamic Vinegar. 

During the event the students will promote some of the gastronomic excellences of the region Emilia Romagna; excellences such as Parmigiano Reggiano, Salame di San Felice, Mortadella Favola, Lambrusco di Sorbara and of course Original Balsamic Vinegar, the absolute king of the gourmet excellences of the region.

Pranzo alla ModeneseFurthermore, participants will have the chance to directly taste all these food excellences; it will be also possible to have lunch with traditional dishes of Modena; furthermore, there will be some show-cooking moments organized by Bottega of Modena: professional chefs will show how to prepare some traditional recipes.

Additionally, thanks to the help of Eureka360 design & communication, the students will have the chance to work on communication strategies to promote the typical products of the territory.

The entire collection of the event will be donate to the G. Luosi high school.


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