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Slovenia wants to make its own Vinegar

Slovenia wants to make its own Vinegar: attack on Made in Italy.

You got it right… Slovenia wants to make its own Balsamic Vinegar!

A lot of work, patience and dedication to create a product that is unique in the world. Protected by production regulations and then… the risk appears from around the corner!

We had already faced similar issues in the past: we remind you of the dispute that took place last year in Germany, which ended favorably for our product. https://usebalsamicvinegar.com/the-german-court-protects-the-balsamic-vinegar-of-modena/

But let’s explain what happened… Slovenia wants to make its own Vinegar

Recently, the state government, located in Central Europe, would have decided to approve a rule. According to which any mixture of wine vinegar with cooked must, can be called and marketed, with the name “Balsamic Vinegar”.

This is not only in contrast with the current community regulations for the protection of the P.D.O. and P.G.I. of Balsamic Vinegar but represents an offensive to the Made in Italy system!

By saying that Slovenia wants to make its own Vinegar, the probability of a loss of one billion euros in consumer value opens up. As a result, a real attack on a symbolic product of Made in Italy, known and appreciated throughout the world.

Like Slovenia, other countries could take similar (and risky) initiatives. Questioning the current rules relating to Balsamic Vinegar, which govern the labelling and consumer information system. The European Commission has already been alerted. The hope is that the risk of swelling the fake Made in Italy market in the world will be mitigated.

The Balsamic Vinegar of Modena P.D.O and P.G.I. must comply with strict rules. To clarify; The origin of the grapes, colour, density, ageing and much more. The fact that a foreign state aspires to violate this peculiarity is an abuse and an insult to those who dedicate their lives to the production and trade of this gastronomic excellence.

In conclusion as lovers of Balsamic, we can only hope that a stop will be put to the fact that Slovenia wants to make its own Vinegar. Leave the Balsamic in Modena!

Greeting from Modena!