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The balsamic vinegar and its value

The balsamic vinegar and its value unique in all the ways not only for its properties, but also because it is the most expensive product transformed by the mankind.

Indeed, in 2007 it was thrown at auction for a hundred centilitres for the sum of 1,800 euros, which means that it was sold for 18000 euros per Litre. It is not a case that the balsamic vinegar it is also known as “black gold”.

The original balsamic vinegar and its value is also related to the price: it depends on its aging and liquid density level. The more these two parameters will be high, the more the price will increase. We can distinguish DOP Balsamico in two qualities: the aged, or the vinegar aged at least twelve; And the extra old, with an age of not less than 25 years.

Balsamic vinegar and its valueA 100 ml bottle of a excellent Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena DOP aged 25 years costs more then 200 euros. In this case, it is a product to be used with a lot of parsimony, because its flavour is intense and does not marry with every dish. The most precious balsamic vinegar is not sold anywhere. If you want to buy a bottle of that precious type, it is better to choose a specialized shop, for example a wine shop or to come directly to Modena. Even with the help of some experts, you know what you are buying, you will learn to appreciate their quality and understand that vinegars, even if they are all called Balsamic Vinegar of Modena, are not all the same.

The original balsamic vinegar and its value are essentials for the Modenesi; indeed, there is the tradition to make as a gift a bottle of balsamic vinegar, as it is so complicated to estimate a proper price that they decide to turn it as a gift; this tradition is followed for special events such as marriages, holy communions and also for birthdays.


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