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Fight among the Consortiums: a legal issue.

Fight among the Consortiums: a legal issue.
Everyone is interested in protecting and preserving the unique taste and recipe of the balsamic vinegar, but what happens when the two main Consortium are fighting for the protection of the PDO? Keep on reading!

To have the duty of the “Consortium of Conservation” of the PDO – a document signed by the Ministry for Agricultural and Forest Policies – means not only to be able to handle the verifications (entrusted to the independent body Kiwa Cermet Italia) and compliance with the rules, but also gives the role to promote the traditional balsamic vinegar,to protect and supervise it. Here, then, two consortium, the most important in the Modena region, capable of condensing the needs and expectations of more than 300 producers, even come to seek the opinion of a judge to dissolve doubts about who has the right-duty to protect the product at most.

The two parties involved are the Consortium of Manufacturers Antiche Acetaie, in fact the smaller group, represented by the lawyer Giorgio Fregni and the Consorzio Tutela Aceto Balsamico Tradizionale in Modena, defended by lawyers Massimo Piazza and Massimo Francesco Dotto, who has in Enrico Corsini his president. The problem arose when the Antiche Acetaie Manufacturers wanted to have access to the files to evaluate the statements made by the rival consortium and the attestations issued by the body responsible for carrying out the control activities on Dop “Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena” – but it hides a situation of latent tension that has been dragging for years. That is since the Consorzio Tutela, which is headquartered in the Chamber of Commerce, has in 2009 obtained the monopoly of verifications and compliance with the production specification.

The president Corsini explains: “But apart from what happened, the comparison between the parties is constant and continuous to give absolute value to the traditional balsamic PDO. It is no coincidence that the committee overseeing all brand activities has equal representation to show how the intent is analogous.”

We are waiting for some news regarding the fight among the Consortiums.


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