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Traditional Balsamic Vinegar comes from Modena !

It’s war between Modena and Trento after the proposal from Trento to obtain the label “balsamic vinegar of Trento”. Modena defends its tradition straightforwardly and it is not very afraid of the consequences of the proposal. Because, what is important to remember is that: Traditional Balsamic Vinegar Comes from Modena

Each year the ministry updates the list concerning traditional agri-food products of our nation, Italy, and everything has started here. Trento, in fact, wanted to have on the list a new traditional product, which would have been balsamic vinegar of Trento. The proposal comes more specifically from the the enterpreneur Ivo Bombardelli, who is the only one in Trentino to have a vinegar cellar producing balsamic vinegar.

Obviously, Modena couldn’t stay quiet in front of this, since Traditional Balsamic Vinegar belongs to Modena’s tradition, it can only be produced in Modena. By saying Modena, you are also saying Balsamic Vinegar . The mayor of Modena, Gian Carlo Muzzarelli, said that it’s important to be careful of which words are used with reference to products characterized by IGP label. Moreover, in his opinion it’s fundamental to protect a product which has been indissolubly connected with Modena since centuries and made the city worldwide known. And also it’s rooted into the history.

original balsamic vinegarNo pressure, though! Modena won after that the consortium analyzing the Balsamic Vinegar from Trento. Consequently, only Modena produces the Traditional Balsamic Vinegar  and can boast this name. This victory, in fact, is due to the protection of peculiarities of local products and to safeguard consumers from hypothetical misunderstandings.

Don’t get confused and keep in mind that the one and only Traditional Balsamic Vinegar comes from Modena!

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