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Use Balsamic Vinegar: more than a salad dresser!

Use Balsamic vinegar:  it’s mostly used to dress salads but that’s not the whole story!

In fact, it could be the secret ingredient of a bewildering number of recipes; in this articles we have summed up all sorts of ways in which its presence could perk up your everyday cooking.

First of all, you could use it to enrich braised dishes: using even a little bit of original Balsamic Vinegar as part of the liquid in a braise gives the whole dish a deep, rich, slightly sweet flavor. Think of it like wine and add it along with the broth or other liquid used.

Another use consists in using it to finish soups and sauces:  Add a splash of original Balsamic Vinegar to your fresh summer salad or to your tomato-based soups and sauces at the very end of cooking to bring the flavors together. Original Balsamic Vinegar and ripe summer tomatoes have a well-known affinity for one another.

Use Balsamic Vinega
Balsamic vinegar could also be an alternative for Marinating Meat and    Tofu: With some sliced shallots and a dollop of mustard, it’s perfect for marinating. It’s great with steak and other read meats, but you could also use it for tofu and mushrooms.

Furthermore, you could drizzle reduced balsamic syrup over a scoop of vanilla ice cream, especially if there are strawberries. If you have very good old balsamic, then reducing it is often not necessary.

Last  but not least  you  could put a splash  of use Balsamic Vinegar in  in  Soda  and  Cocktails:  given  its sweet character, original Balsamic Vinegar has a flavor profile that could give a twist to almost any cocktail. You can dilute it in soda water or mix it with liquors like bourbon and rye.

Try it on! You’ll be thrilled!

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