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Emilia Romagna collaborates with Casa Artusi

The cooperation between the Region Emilia Romagna and Casa Artusi will last until 2020. The collaboration foresees the promotion of gastronomic excellencies of the territory in Italy and abroad, such as Original Balsamic Vinegar of Modena and many other D.O.P. products. The memorandum of understanding was signed in Bologna by the regional assessor  for agriculture Simona Caselli, the president  of the center of gastronomic culture of Forlimpoli Giordano Conti and by the assessor of production activities Adriano Bonetti.

The agreement outlines the main objectives of the collaboration for the next three years. All the activities will aim at the promotion of the gastronomic excellencies of the region. Moreover, they will be an attempt to develop the whole food chain. All this will be done in the name of Pellegrino Artusi, whose celebrates in 2020 his bicentenary of the birth.

« With this renewed agreement – said Caselli – we are giving further impetus to a collaboration that, since EXPO,  has brought incredible  results, also from a mere cultural perspective. During the next three years we will work together  to promote our typical productions, to create synergies and add value to the territory. Moreover, we will make efforts to enhance the regional agro-food and wine sector, to foster exchanges  also at an international level and to finally identify opportunities of growth». This memorandum represents a further step in this collaboration project. Its objectives stay the same: enhance the image of the products of the region, linking them  it with its kitchen.

The first important  appointment will be the the third edition of The Italian kitchen in the world that will take place in Canada from the 16en to the 23rd November. Emilia Romagna will participate with a calendar rich of events and initiatives to promote its gastronomic excellencies. Casa Artusi but also many Consortia and some of the most well affirmed enterprises of the territory will give their contribution.


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