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Chef Mario Rizzotti uses original Balsamic Vinegar at the the Italian cultural Institute

Iron Chef America judge and now friend of the L-ORIGINALE family Mario Rizzotti, presented the other day a lecture on Balsamic Vinegar at the Italian Cultural Institute of Chicago. This was the second presentation he held for the event “Tasting Italian treasures” organized by the institute.

This second meeting was entirely centered on Balsamic Vinegar: the culinary expert guided the guests in discovering the world of Italian Balsamic Vinegar, giving them the exclusive opportunity to learn more about the real aged Balsamic Vinegar of Modena and Reggio Emilia. According to Mario Rizzotti learning how to use Balsamic Vinegar is an art which is worth to discover!

All was based on its personal culinary experience which results in a strict and high quality point of view. Mario travels personally to Emilia Romagna to select from local producers’ small batches of Balsamic Vinegar.

For this special occasion he selected L-ORIGINALE’s products that struck him for the extremely high quality which distinguishes our brand.  Original Balsamic Vinegar has therefore had the great honor to disclose to American food lovers the charming world of Italian Balsamic Vinegar.

L-ORIGINALE is grateful and proud of this collaboration, which confirms its relentless commitment in providing high quality products, which are able to represent faithfully Italian culinary culture all over the world.

Mario Rizzotti’s passion for Italian authentic products dates back to the early twenties, when he moved to the United States to learn more about how Americans use Italian ingredients. During his several years of working in the restaurant industry, he noticed how Italian cuisine in Italy, differed from that in the U.S.

He became passionate about educating American people on real Italian ingredients, helping them understand what makes them authentic and how they are used in his homeland. With his quick wit, natural charm, and deep knowledge of the culinary world, Mario has since then been trying to educate Americans on how to distinguish real Italian products from the many fake or” Italian sounding” ones in our markets.

Today, he continues to educate Americans through his television appearances, live cooking demonstrations and educational sessions, and by teaming up with chefs across the U.S. to host authentic Italian-themed dinners. People leave Mario’s events with both a better understanding of Italian ingredients and a smile on their faces from his engaging style.


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