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Escalopes with zucchinis and balsamic vinegar

Escalopes with zucchinis and original balsamic vinegar

You won’t definitely believe on how easy this recipe is, how fast it is and how tasty it is. You simply won’t believe it… But, if you are ready to believe: try these escalopes with zucchinis and balsamic vinegar! We told you that you won’t believe how fast it is and we won’t believe how you will mouthwater!


Ingredients for 6 people: chicken breast 12 pieces, zucchini 4, garlic 2 cloves, EVO oil 5 spoons, salt, flour and balsamic vinegar of Modena.


Slice the chicken into smaller pieces, 2 cm wide, and flour them.

In a pan cook the garlic with 3 spoons of the oil then put the zucchinis rounds cut. When it’s almost cooked put the chicken slices into the pan.

Be ready to prepare the sauce! In another bowl use balsamic vinegar, mix it with the salt, the remaining oil and 5 spoons of roome temperature water. Put the sauce into the pan and cook until it thickens.

Remove the pan from the fire, serve the chicken and eat it!

Remember: our escalopes with zucchinis are better hot!

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