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Exporting Made in Italy in a smart way

Exporting Made in Italy in a smart way

The complex supply chain of the agri-food sector is determined by highly organized resources, processes and people.

The goal is to ensure value, to all the players involved in the supply chain, all over the world. This creates the need to operate through supply chains. These are increasingly in line with the needs of the market. To date, we have the tools to export Made in Italy in a smart and sustainable way, and Agritalia knows this well!

Founded by the Massa brothers. Agritalia is an Italian company that aims to reduce costs and environmental impact. It offers to their customers “just in time”. An innovative program that guarantees the freshness of the goods, avoiding the goods to stay in the warehouse and dealing with food waste.

The company, supported by Agrusa and Agrilogistica, helps foreign retailers to include Made in Italy products in their catalogue. This includes activities ranging from identifying the appropriate suppliers to reordering. Agritalia also represents the opportunity of a showcase on the American market for small and medium-sized Italian producers.

The CEO, Sergio Massa, says “Our model opens the doors of the US market even to smaller or niche producers who alone would not have the strength or the knowledge to land on American soil. We are proud to discover the best that our land offers and bring it to the shelves of foreign stores “

Exporting “Made in Italy” in a smart way

To export Made in Italy in a smart and sustainable way, Agritalia relies on the Nola hub: a 5000sqm platform equipped with advanced technologies. Here the goods arrive and stop before being shipped to the destination market. Agrilogistica supports this phase, providing a range of intelligent logistics services, which help to reduce time and costs, to Italian and foreign companies.

Agrusa is the American sister partner of Agritalia and Agrilogistica. It manages the complexities of importing in the American market by offering various services including insurance, warehouse, customs clearance and delivery of goods.

The cooperation of the 3 companies allows us to offer ad hoc solutions to US retailers, distributors and importers, and Italian companies to export “Made in Italy” in a smart and sustainable way.

Exporting Made in Italy in a smart way

What products does Agritalia treat?

The range of products exported by Agritalia has more than 700 units. From extra virgin olive oil, sauces and frozen foods to pasta, organic products and, our beloved Balsamic Vinegar of Modena (in different densities).

These products come from all regions of Italy, from certified suppliers.

But how does Agritalia succeed in its intent?

The key to the Neapolitan company lies in the ARP: Automated Replenishment Program. It is a sophisticated and innovative operational management system. It is able to guarantee enormous cost savings in food export operations to the USA.

A simplified process, in terms of eliminating inefficiencies in the distribution chain and over-storage, allows greater efficiency to the production system. These benefits can be enjoyed by all actors in the agri-food chain… Including consumers!

We thank Agritalia, which allows the American people to taste our beloved Balsamic Vinegar… with fewer complications and respecting a smart and sustainable export system!

Greetings from Modena