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San Giovanni Palio 2020 has been postponed

The traditional San Giovanni Palio is a competition that rewards the best Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena. This year, it will be postponed to November.
The 150th fair of Spilamberto that takes place every year, it has been cancelled for safety reasons.
Covid-19 influenced the usual trend of traditions.

Thanks to the idea of Maurizi Fini, the Grand Master of the Consorteria of Balsamic Vinegar, and some others members of the council, the Palio (it was usually held on the last Sunday of June) will announce the winner at the end of November (we don’t know the exact date).

The Palio was usually carried out by setting up the tasting table where the Master Tasters night after night assessed the Traditional Balsamic Vinegar through the Sensorial Analysis until the 12 finalists were selected.

A careful and methodic evaluation that had led to the tasting of several hundred craft products.
A methodology that cannot be implemented this year, cancelled by the restrictions caused by Covid-19.

But as often happens, the difficulties offer new ideas and alternative solutions.

San Giovanni Palio 2020

The Grand Master has found an alternative solution that will also allow the race to take place.

The competition will be held next November. The participants can deliver the samples of the products to the Consortium by 30 June. The Master Tasters will conduct their work by carrying them out safely in their home. Each of them will have the instruments necessary to carry out the Sensory Analysis by evaluating the visual, olfactory and gustatory aspects of each product with extreme attention.

This methodology was established after the Consortium also evaluated the reflections collected among the members with a questionnaire.
An excellent solution that will not stop the traditional Palio of San Giovanni by rewarding the best Traditional Balsamic Vinegar in 2020.

We are happy and we congratulate the Consortium for this choice.
We hope that the San Giovanni Palio will take place regularly next year.

Greetings from Modena.