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Sóghi Saba and Savor Nonantola

Sóghi Saba and Savor Nonantola the 22nd edition took place last Sunday 27th of September 2020. It is another important event for the Traditional Balsamic Vinegar. During the event, they have highlighted how strongly this product is part of the Nonantolane and Modenese culture and traditions.

The Municipality of Nonantola and the Agrarian Participation organized Sóghi Saba and Savor Nonantola. It was the 22nd edition. During it, was held the 24th Review of Traditional Balsamic Vinegars produced in Nonantola.

This event aims to enhance local traditions by also allowing visitors to taste the vinegar and other typical products such as Nocino.https://usebalsamicvinegar.com/category/traditional-balsamic-vinegar-of-modena-dop/

Sóghi Saba and Savor Nonantola

A day full of events and visits, including the opportunity to see the Acetaia of Partecipanza. The day ended with the warning of the winners of the Review of Traditional Balsamic Vinegars of Modena.

These are some of the best vinegar producers that they mentioned before the award ceremony:

  • Annamaria Bertoncelli, with two kinds of vinegar (Cristoli)
  • Guerzoli Oscar
  • Gogliosa Giuseppe (already awarded in 2017)https://usebalsamicvinegar.com/category/traditional-balsamic-vinegar-of-modena-dop/
  • Luppi Maurizio, with two kinds of vinegar
  • Malagoli Morris (already awarded in 2018)
  • Martinello Tommaso, with three kinds of vinegar
  • Montanari Giancarlo, with three kinds of vinegar
  • Parmisano Filomena, with three kinds of vinegar (already awarded in 2019)
  • Pancaldi Iolanda (already awarded in 2018)
  • Righi Mattia, with two kinds of vinegar
  • Rinaldi Dotti Angiolina, with eight kinds of vinegar
  • Serafini Cosetta
  • Serafini Onorio
  • Sighinolfi Dario
  • Vaccari Graziano
  • Venturelli A. (already awarded in 2018)

As in previous occasions, there were three equal winners, awarded by the Mayor Federica Nannetti: Bertoncelli Annamaria, Luppi Maurizio and Righi Mattia.

Sarafini Onorio won the Partecipanza Award. Enrico Venturelli won the “Best R Rapport”.

The awards were Plaques and Tragni with terracotta handles and finely painted (Tragno = ancient container for Traditional Balsamic). Proud of the result, the winners returned to their homes with a smile worthy of such recognition.

Sóghi Saba and Savor Nonantola: even today we had the opportunity to spend a day in the company of lovers and admirers of Traditional Balsamic Vinegar. We also had the opportunity to taste this food excellence.
We are very happy with it.

See you at the next review.

Greetings from Modena.

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