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White vinegar. Different usages of vinegar.

It seems that there is nothing that white vinegar is not able to do. As we know, vinegar is an excellent, low in calories, condiment for salads and vegetables. However, sometimes mixed with water, it is used in everyday life also for different usages. How?

First of all, it is important to underline that for all those usages different from that as a condiment, vinegar can be used in large number of usages. Today we will talk about white vinegar.

It seems that there is nothing that white vinegar is not able to do. White Vinegar, a bit like salt and lemon, is a wonderful ingredient used, not only to flavor your salads , but for cleaning, disinfecting, deodorizing, creating tonics for the face and balms for shiny hair and more. The vinegar, in fact, is an acid liquid obtained thanks to the action of bacteria of the genus Acetobacter which (in the presence of air, oxidize the ethanol contained in the wine, cider, beer and other fermented alcoholic beverages, or in other raw materials such as cereals, fruit or honey) transforms it into acetic acid. Once obtain that characteristics and as it prevents microorganisms to develop, vinegar is currently used in everyday life. What’s more it is cheap (not all of them, Balsamic Vinegar, in fact, represents an exception as it can achieve also very high costs due to high proprieties) and environmentally friendly.

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White Vinegar is a powerful limescale remover and therefore can be used in cleaning the bathroom, in the kitchen and in all those cases where a limescale remover it is needed.  For example, by mixing one part vinegar with four parts of water (for a stronger solution, a part of vinegar and a water) you obtain an excellent liquid to clean the windows. If windows appear streaky after washing with white vinegar, add half-teaspoon of tea liquid soap to the mixture, which removes the waxy residue left by commercial products for windows.

The drains can be cleaned using a combination of vinegar and baking soda followed by a rinse with plenty of water. For ages, the vinegar is used as a descaling agents and as a soap for cloths, as it works well as an emollient for fabrics: just add half cup to the rinse cycle.

It is easy to recognize all different functions that white vinegar can have. Despite of this, there is no doubt when we are talking about food: original Balsamic vinegar of Modena is the king.


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