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Balsamic sauce: Here our guide for preparing a perfect one.

Balsamic vinegar is one of the most popular condiments in the kitchen. Thanks to its strong taste, it is fantastically suitable in main dishes such as meat and fish, along with side dishes of any kind of vegetables. What’s more, this dressing, made into sauce, creates a fantastic duet with pasta and fruits, becoming an exploitable condiment with a strong flavor. Here our guide for preparing a perfect balsamic sauce.

The preparation of balsamic sauce is easy and quick to get ready and the ingredients are fairly simple to find. It all consists on thickening the vinegar in order to obtain a creamy liquid with a marked vinegar’s flavor. To make the balsamic sauce you must pour into a non-stick pan an amount of balsamic vinegar (based on how much it is necessary), and adding a quantity of water corresponding to half of the amount of vinegar. Stir and add sugar at your pleasure and, anyway, do not forget that the predominant flavor should be the one of the vinegar.

Place the pan on a stove and keep the heat to a medium flame. Keep on stirring and wait till the liquid is halved. Approximately, it takes around ten minutes. When the balsamic sauce has become a thick and creamy consistency, it is ready and you have to let it cool down.

The balsamic vinegar sauce can be used to garnish and give more flavor to the food. It is excellent on grilled meats and fish but also for a simply salads, boiled potatoes or cooked or raw vegetables. You can also try to enjoy it along with strawberries… you will be amazed by how the sauce can intensify the sweet taste of strawberries. To create a nice contrast of flavors, the balsamic sauce can be added to ice-cream.

Just a final tip: it is better to consume a balsamic sauce fresh of the day or, at most, one stored in the fridge for no more than a couple of days.


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