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275 bottles of Balsamic vinegar stolen

275 bottles of Balsamic Vinegar stolen from the Consortium: this is the shocking news of today. The theft took place during the renovation works of the Consortium which involved the moving of many carton boxes containing about 2000 bottles of Balsamic Vinegar of Modena.

Last friday, during an inventory check, the Consortium of Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena discovered that a considerable number of “black gold” bottles was missing. To be precise, 275 were the bottles missing from the warehouse of the Consortium. These were balsamic vinegar samples that had to be stored for control reasons for 10 years, as required by the current food safety legislation.

The bottles were kept in some carton boxes, which were moved from one room to another to allow the renovation works that are going on in the head quarter of Viale Virgilio. Probably the thieves took advantage of this situation and took easily some bottles from each carton box.

The complaint was lodged at the police of Modena. However it seems possible to exclude a specific and particular purpose behind this theft. Probably they just wanted some samples of the precious product for personal use. In fact there are no signs of forced entry into the consortium and that suggests that the crime was committed during the coming and going due to the renovation works.

The balsamic vinegar stolen has a considerable value in commercial terms. In fact it equals about 10,000 euros. However these bottles are not resalable, since they do not have labels or seals. Probably the Balsamic Vinegar stolen will simply end up on the tables of thieves and will delight the palate of their acquaintances! On the other hand, the institutional damage caused to the Consortium is huge since it highlights problems related to quality control that could occur even in the years to come.