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Coldiretti: Modena is the second in Italy for DOP/IGP value

With 623 million euros, Modena is the second Italian province for economic value of D.O.P. and P.G.I.  productions. This is what emerges from the elaborations executed by Coldiretti Emilia-Romagna on data from the  ISMEA/Qualivita report. This news arrives on the eve of the first course of Agrichef which will take place in the province of Modena from 12 to 15 November. The course will take place at  agritourism La Baccelliera and it is promoted by Terranostra, the agritourism association of Coldiretti and Campagna Amica. The final goal is to train agrichef how to enhance the excellences of local agriculture.

The supply chain of products with a designation of origin in the province of Modena is mainly based on Balsamic Vinegar  PGI, which represents 47% of the value of the production of the province. Balsamic Vinegar is closely followed by Parmigiano Reggiano with 41%. The remaining 12% of the value is divided between Cotechino, Zampone, Traditional Balsamic Vinegar, Prosciutto di Modena and Amarene Brusche. To these we must add products with an interprovincial denomination of origin such as Mortadella from Bologna.

This second place is the result of a long agricultural history. P.D.O. and P.G.I. products are excellences recognized also by the European Union. Furthermore there is also a long list of products that have been permanently inserted in the National Register of traditional products: out of  5.056 national products , 393 are from Emilia-Romagna and 30 of these are from the Modena area, such Nocino or Borlengo. However, some products are known only by experts, many are still to be rediscovered.

And it is precisely on the latter that Terranostra based the Agrichef course. At the end of the four days of training, the future agrichef will engage in a challenge for the realization of 12 recipe. These recipes have been saved from being forgotten thanks to many grandmothers who have continued to keep alive the tradition in the farms and factors. They did so by recovering many of the traditional products of the register such as the Sulada and the Calzagatti.

The course will have as its teachers:

  • the agrichef Diego Scaramuzza, national president of Terranostra;
  • the chefs Silvia Cappellazzo, Gabriella Gasparini and Roberto Carcangiu;
  • the national secretary of Terranostra, Toni De Amicis;
  • the clerk of the Communication and External relations of Coldiretti, Massimiliano Paoloni;
  • the manager of Food Security of Coldiretti Emilia-Romagna, Dennis Calanca.

The themes range from cooking technologies  to the pairing of wines and dishes and the pricing of dishes and menus. All with the attention to the typical local and rural menus and local products at km 0.


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