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Fake balsamic vinegar in the USA

Fake balsamic vinegar in the USA. Original Balsamic Vinegar is only from Modena and when you’ll taste it, you’ll understand what this means. Keep on reading to find out more!


When it is said that original Balsamic Vinegar is only from Modena, there’s a reason indeed. Most of times you find fake balsamic vinegar in the USA, even if it is sometimes very expensive or even if it’s labelled “from Modena”.

On the one hand, by “fake balsamic vinegar” it is meant a condiment composed by grape juice or grape must fermented into wine, with an addition of a bit of caramel sometimes for colour and a bit of vinegar, that’s it. This, dear readers, has nothing to do with Original Balsamic Vinegar of Modena. According to the US laws, in fact, products are allowed to be labeled as “Balsamic Vinegar”. For this reason, if it’s written “from Modena” on a balsamic vinegar in the USA, this doesn’t always mean it’s true at all.

On the other hand, original Balsamic Vinegar of Modena must be aged for at least 12 or 25 years and, most importantly, it is made with Trebbiano grapes, thanks to the optimal climate conditions of the city, so it has a thick consistency. Since Original Balsamic Vinegar of Modena is very expensive, the majority of people in the USA might have never tried the real one, as a consequence they believe it if they read that a simple, common balsamic vinegar is from Modena, even if it’s (too often) the biggest lie ever.

Fake balsamic vinegar in the USAWould you like the key to not get tricked? Here you are: read carefully the ingredients on the balsamic bottle label and if you find the words “aged grape must” or even the Italian version “mosto d’uva”, then you’re in front of a good product. Otherwise, better leave it where it is!

Let’s conclude suggesting once more to not trust anything you read on a label and to pay attention to the ingredients! Watch out for fake balsamic vinegar in the USA!


L-Originale Balsamic Vinegar of Modena: www.l-originale.com

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