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New Tasters of Traditional Balsamic Vinegar

Just like wine has sommeliers, balsamic vinegar needs its own professional tasters. Recently the Consortium in Modena nominated 11 new Tasters of Traditional Balsamic Vinegar (5 Masters tasters and 6 tasters). The official designation was given at the end of the traditional “Pranzo di San Martino”.

Of course is not easy to obtain the title, whether is Taster or Master Taster. In fact, to get the title of taster the candidate must study 4 years, with at least 40 tastes each year. Furthermore, they must pass an exam at the Consortium.

More difficult is the road for the Master Taster title. First they must study as Tasters for 8 year, with 80 tastes each year, and then take the exam. Both titles require a deep study and knowledge of Balsamic Vinegar.

Tasters of Traditional Balsamic VinegarThe 5 new Masters, now, have the rights and the duties of the other 170 Masters Tasters. An example is the guidance of  tasting table at the traditional “Palio di San Giovanni” for the producers. They must teach, also,to the students who are learning the fine art of tasting.  Another important task is certifyiing to the Commerce Chamber, the compliance with norms of production of Balsamic Vinegar of Modena.

Here are the names of the 5 new Master Tasters of Traditional Balsamic Vinegar: Giulia Fregni Serpini, Paolo Greco, Mauro Gabrielli, Marcello  Cavaliere, Sandro Gilioli, Marco Stanzani.

And these are the 6 new Tasters of Traditional Balsamic Vinegar: Rossana Cremonini, Stefano Manelli, Domenico Quattrini, Valerio Rattighieri, Luigi Rella.

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