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Open day at Balsamic Vinegar Museum

It was the 24th November of 2002 when the Balsamic Vinegar Museum in Spilamberto opened its door for the first time and now, 15 years later and 140000 visitors, it opened its door again for an interesting open-day. Of course we HAD to go.

Situated in the area of the beautiful Modena, Spilamberto is the village where the black gold was born, so, undoubtedly, it became the place where the Balsamic Vinegar Museum was built. It’s also the city where the Consortium for Balsamic Vinegar is.

The story which brought to the foundation of the Museum started during the 60’s.

In fact, in 1966 the Consorteria (first institution entirely dedicated to balsamic vinegar) was created and later came the Consortium for Balsamic Vinegar, whose main job is to protect the quality of the product.

As a consequence of the major popularity that our product obtained recently, fake balsamic vinegar started to appear. Fake ones. Terrible ones. So, the consortium is starting to be always more necessary and its job grew in importance.

The story of the museum, though, doesn’t stop in the 60’s.

At the beginning of the new century, specifically the 2000, the balsamic vinegar of Modena gained its P.D.O. certification. Later in 2001 it was created the Association for the foundation of the Museum that brought in the 2002 to the opening of the museum inside the eighteenth century mansion Villa Fabriani.

Since then passing through the doors of this Villa means entering through a time warp where the flowing of time stops and the visitor just count the seconds through the aging of the product inside the wood barrels.

The setting of the museum is heartwarming, welcoming and it will be just like home. A home full of tradition where you will breath an old-fashioned Italy.

A small town museum with 140000 visitors, 40% of which from all around the globe, and a success that doesn’t seem to stop.


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