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Does Balsamic Vinegar go bad?

Does Balsamic Vinegar go bad?: The answer is clear and simple: find out by reading our post. 

First of all we want to spend two words on what Shelf Life means: Means the period of time in which a foodstuff maintains, within acceptable levels, the chemical-physical composition, nutritional value, microflora, sanitary hygiene, flavor, color, smell / aroma, consistency.

These parameters can be influenced by several factors, such as exposure to light, temperature, mechanical stress, microbial contamination, gas, moisture and packaging. In the great general case, a suitable packaging is associated with a technique (freezing, deep freezing, dehydration, pasteurization, sterilization, etc.) which renders ineffective any process of alteration of the product: in these cases the packaging serves as a barrier to ensure the permanence of the virtuous situation obtained with the applied pr.ocess.

That being said, original Balsamic Vinegar of Modena has 10 years of Shelf Life and the reason is very simple:
While most food products in contact with the air begin to deteriorate, the balsamic vinegar of Modena is a product that, with the passage of time, remains in continuous contact with the outside atmosphere, improves its characteristics and increases its quality.
Just think that wooden barrels in which the product matures for decades are not sealed but equipped with a hole to allow constant contact with the air.

So even once you open your bottle the product will not deteriorate, store it quietly at room temperature, as little advice we suggest not to expose it directly to the sunshine and I guarantee that if this may happen then you will realize that even in this case the product won’t be subject to transformation.

Does balsamic vinegar go bad? NO! A product that will never end up surprising you.

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