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LUISS University: a workshop on balsamic vinegar

The LUISS University organized a workshop based on the Made in Italy, taught by the Director of the ABM Federico Desimoni. The Director of the Consortium ABM has been involved as a History Case of excellence in the protection of Made in Italy and the country’s economy, stigmatizing in particular the need of building a global identity based on drivers of authenticity, origin, taste, protection and warranty.

“Made in Italy is a difficult concept to be protected, communicated and promoted- states Federico Desimoni- and for this reason it is necessary to outline a more precise identity: through Branding in the case of private brands or by identifying Public and collective brands such as PDOs, IGPs and STGs. In the second case, which I am pleased to represent in this context, the communication factor is of primary importance, which is also the basis of another fundamental asset or the protection of an identity increasingly “stolen” by attempts of counterfeiting, evocation and imitation. The role of the Consortiums of Defense is to fight such crimes, to monitor compliance with administrative procedures, to take legal action where necessary and to promote EU procedures. That said, there is still a lot to be done – concluded the Director of the ABM Consortium – in particular on product knowledge, different types and uses, on nutrition and health characteristics and on market transparency, as well as transmitting to the consumer reliability and confidence.

balsamic vinegar originalSo it is more than just an academic lesson at the LUISS University, it is a comparison of the state of the work on promotion and protection of Made in Italy agri-food, organized in two sessions: the first, moderated by the Food Law Coordinator Daniela Corona, is dedicated to international scenarios; the second one was moderated by the Master of Food Law Ercole De Vito and devoted to direct testimonies.


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