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Balsamic Vinegar is on youtube!

On the 25th of November the Consorzio for Balsamic Vinegar in Modena posted on its channels two videos to narrate the story of our product, its importance in the tradition and how it’s rooted into the history. Mark the date because: Balsamic Vinegar is on youtube!

Last week the Consortium moved another step towards the audience. In fact, having decided to be more effective on the audience, it gave a new boost on its youtube channel, and posted the first of many videos that it will need to promote our excellence.

The main mission of the Consortium is transmitting the values behind each bottle of Vinegar together with the protection of it. They hope that each viewer of the videos will be more aware of our product and will realize that it really takes a village to create an amazing vinegar.

Soon two new videos will come out. The first one it’s called “Discovering the balsamic vinegar” and its narration will have the purpose to describe the black gold as the real son of Modena. The pillars of this story are the History, the Tate, the Territory which are the elements making the balsamic perfect. The video will see the 2 protagonists riding and discovering the Balsamic: its faces, its culture, its importance and its tradition.

The second video has a totally different concept, which is more modern: our product as a trend setter. Such as wine, balsamic vinegar is dynamic and cannot escape from the changings of styles. The focus point is still the importance of balsamic vinegar but, thanks to its crossmedial setting, will involve not only youtube but also traditional medias.

The publishing of the videos will be the same in France, Italy and Germany.

What more can we say? Stay tuned of course because Balsamic vinegar is on youtube!

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