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Balsamic Pearls a modern and refined way to taste the Balsamic Vinegar

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Did you know that all liquids can be turned into a ball? No? Actually… it is so and balsamic pearls are proof of it. It is when the line between culinary art and chemical becomes more thinner that molecular cuisine borns: flavours and smells change and the consistences vary to …

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White vinegar. Different usages of vinegar.

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It seems that there is nothing that white vinegar is not able to do. As we know, vinegar is an excellent, low in calories, condiment for salads and vegetables. However, sometimes mixed with water, it is used in everyday life also for different usages. How?

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Balsamic glaze, what is it? What is the difference with Balsamic Vinegar?

Alt="balsamic glaze"

There is no doubt that there’s a wide difference between Balsamic Vinegar and Balsamic glaze, but how conscious are we about that diversity? Nowadays consumers are, always more often, used to buy Balsamic glazes convinced that the taste is similar to “real” Balsamic Vinegar, but is that true?

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